We put patients’ interests first.

In a healthcare industry rich with technological developments, obvious and latent unmet needs remain. This is true, not only for healthcare providers, but also their patients who desire increasingly safe and effective clinical solutions. It´s in the spirit of improving the patient experience that develop convenient, efficacious and accessible products and solutions that advance standards of care worldwide.

We create value by innovation.

We listen and observe in order to understand patients´ needs. We delve deep and ask questions in order to generate our novel, transformative ideas. We also analyze ad innovate in order to create solutions that generate value for patients, healthcare providers and humanity.

We think beyond borders.

We develop solutions for patients around the world. Our reach is global and so is our mindset. We measure ourselves against global standards and strive to achieve world-class excellence with our products.

We value our partners.

It takes a multitude of skills and ideas to deliver a transformative healthcare solution to patients. We leverage internal assets and collaborate with partners: healthcare providers who understand the patient experience, scientists who research, engineers who design, and commercial partners who deliver our solutions into the care pathway. At MEDICEM, we actively seek, nurture and appreciate partnerships that enrich our insights and capabilities. Together, we and our partners bring value to every patient and healthcare provider we reach.

We act responsibly and respectfully.

We always strive to do the right thing and to be "of service to people". Behaving responsibly in the communities we touch is crucial. We seek to continually learn and respect ethical principles as a means of accountability to patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, such as shareholders and employees.