Obstetrics & Gynecology


In this area, MEDICEM leverages its patented material platform featuring a unique hydrogel designed to expand under pressure.

Medicem products are synthetic osmotic hygroscopic dilators for the uterine cervix made from proprietary anisotropic xerogel. The embodiment is a sterile synthetic gel rod, which absorbs fluid from the tissue of the cervical canal, resulting in reversible dehydration and softening. The increase in volume of the rods effects mechanical dilation and endogenous prostaglandin release with resultant highly predictable and reliable cervical dilation and ripening. It is approved for use globally - including in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

MEDICEM runs its global product and clinical development and manufacturing operations from the Czech Republic through Medicem Technology s.r.o., which also engages an international network of distributors for worldwide commercialization of dilators. In the USA, MEDICEM markets the products via Medicem Inc., its local operating company.

International version of products instructions for use are available here: Dilapan-S, Dilasoft. These instructions for use are intended for informative purpose only. Please always follow the country-specific revision of instructions for use supplied with your device.

For more information visit www.DilapanS.com (USA customers) or www.Dilapan.com (customers outside USA).