Compliance and Ethical Behaviour

All of us at MEDICEM follow ethical rules and principles valid for the entire KKCG Group, which we are a part of. Consistent with its values of Respect, Responsibility, Stability and Courage, KKCG Group has a firm commitment to operating in an ethical and lawful manner. This non-negotiable commitment has been made by our senior leadership of KKCG Group with the support of our Founder and Owner, and applies to all KKCG Group companies and staff worldwide including MEDICEM.

To give practical effect to this commitment, we established compliance programme to ensure MEDICEM complies with all applicable laws and its own ethical standards. MEDICEM has a suite of policies to address bribery, anti-money laundering, fair competition, and other compliance topics.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

KKCG Group believes that bribery undermines public institutions, distorts markets and harms society. For that reason, MEDICEM’s Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy absolutely prohibits giving bribes to anyone; taking bribes from anyone; suggesting proposing, requesting, offering, brokering or handling bribes; and using other people to do any of the above things. In this context, a bribe is anything given to someone to induce or reward the improper performance of a function or activity.

We at MEDICEM take active steps to exclude bribery from its business. Specifically, MEDICEM trains staff on how to recognise and prevent bribery; chooses business partners that share its commitment to anti-bribery; makes political donations only when it is lawful and appropriate to do so; and does not use its Social Responsibility activities to achieve commercial objectives. MEDICEM encourages the raising of concerns (see “Questions, Concerns and Whistleblowing” below), and responds swiftly to concerns once they are raised. 

Questions, Concerns and Whistleblowing

MEDICEM staff and business partners can obtain advice on ethics or compliance issues from KKCG’s Compliance department, which can be contacted on

MEDICEM encourages staff, business partners and the community who are concerned about potentially unethical or unlawful conduct in relation to KKCG’s business to contact our Whistleblowing Hotline. The Whistleblowing Hotline can be contacted (also anonymously) on +420 775 877 047 or KKCG will proportionately and promptly address any concerns raised with the Whistleblowing Hotline.