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The original objective of developing XE-DERMA® was to find a special matrix for in vitro cell cultivation. XE-DERMA® is acellular pig dermis; it is made of skin grafts where the matrix, a three-dimensional mesh of collagen and elastic fibres, remains intact after the removal of cells. It is used as a temporary sterile cover in treating various acute and chronic skin defects, and thanks to its unique biological 3D structure, it accelerates the healing process. Its basic indications include treatment of burns, other acute wounds requiring re-epithelisation (i.e., restoration of the uppermost layer of skin), such as large post-surgical wounds or extensive skin abrasions, and chronic wounds (e.g., leg ulcers, including diabetic foot, pressure ulcers and others) in the stage when support of the epithelisation process is necessary.

Due to its biological origin and production technology, XE-DERMA®:

  • Supports fast healing and reduction of the overall duration of treatment and hospitalisation.
  • Prevents formation of excessive granulations and supports a high-quality epithelisation process, which secures excellent long-term results from treatment and increases patients’ quality of life.
  • Provides a significant haemostatic effect and minimises the loss of bodily fluids, particularly in the first days after injury, and reduces the risk of complications, such as wound deterioration.
  • Minimises the number of the wound re-dressings, significantly reducing the risk of wound infection, the level of pain and the consumption of analgesics and anaesthetics used in connection with redressing. As a result, the cost of medical care is significantly reduced.
  • Allows easy handling, long shelf life and storage at room temperature.

Thanks to these properties and advantages, XE-DERMA® is a unique biotechnological product, improving the quality of medical care.

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