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For procedures performed inside the uterus, the cervix needs to be dilated. This can be done in various ways, from the use of steel surgical tools (e.g., Hegar dilators) to pharmaceuticals (e.g., prostaglandins). One particularly natural, gentle method is use of a hydrogel dilator (e.g., Dilapan-S® or Dilasoft®), which minimizes the risk of cervical tissue injury.

Dilapan-S® and Dilasoft® mode of action

The rigid hygroscopic rod absorbs fluids in the uterine cervical canal, gradually increasing in volume and dilating the cervix. After four to six hours, the 3 mm rod expands to 8.3–10 mm and the 4 mm rod up to 10–12.5 mm. Simultaneously, Dilapan-S initiates endogenous prostaglandin release, causing collagen degradation and ripening the cervix. Patented AQUACRYL hydrogel guarantees consistency and predictability of action. It contains no pharmaceutically active substances released during application.