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WIOL-CF is a bioanalogic intraocular lens. Thanks to its proprietary WIGEL hydrogel material and special technical design, it offers unique benefits to patients. WIGEL is a biocompatible material that resembles the eye’s natural crystalline lens material more closely than other intraocular lenses, making WIOL-CF extremely resistant to protein, cell deposits and calcification. The design of WIOL-CF enables polyfocal accommodation within a continuous range from near to distant focus for improved vision without further correction (e.g., spectacles). This makes WIOL-CF particularly suitable for younger patients with an active lifestyle who want to enjoy spectacle freedom in all light conditions.

WIOL-CF has further advantages over other intraocular lenses:

  • Large optics (9 mm in diameter) facilitating retino-vitreal diagnostics and surgery (e.g., in diabetes)
  • Large, glare-free optics ensuring undisturbed night and peripheral vision
  • Low incidence of posterior capsule opacification
  • Small incision size 
  • Long-term, reliable outcomes

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