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As an innovative, interdisciplinary company, we seek bright people willing to develop their own expertise and capable of communicating effectively across specializations.

We seek

  • Creative researchers with backgrounds in medicine, chemistry, optics, optometry, biomaterials, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering interested in developing cutting-edge products and technologies with applications in medicine
  • Responsible project managers with science, engineering or medical backgrounds who are interested in biomedical R&D
  • Diligent laboratory assistants educated in chemistry or related fields who aspire to contribute to R&D of cutting-edge medical devices

We require

  • Secondary or tertiary education (depending on the position) in a relevant field
  • English at the CEFR B1 level (at minimum)
  • Team spirit
  • Scientific curiosity and exploratory courage
  • Independence coupled with an ability to recognize one’s own limits
  • Ambition to develop professionally while helping colleagues to do the same

We offer

  • Versatile work in R&D with a focus on chemistry, optics and biomedicine
  • Opportunity to work for a company on the cutting edge of technology
  • Competitive compensation
  • Professional growth in a fast-developing work environment
  • Dynamic, intelligent and friendly co-workers
  • Possibility of thesis/dissertational work

Our current job opportunities

Currently no open positions