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MEDICEM builds on the strong scientific and industrial traditions of Central Europe, which has brought many important medical inventions, materials and products to the world. These include major contributions in the fields of genetics (G. J. Mendel), physiology (J. E. Purkyně, J. Jánský), laboratory methods (J. Heyrovský), synthetic biomaterials (O. Wichterle) or antiviral drug development (A. Holý).

MEDICEM brought together the resources of four Czech R&D companies in the field of innovative medical devices: GEL-MED International, BIO-SKIN, BioServices and Biovision. To date, these companies have developed more than a dozen products based on proprietary technologies, helping patients in more than 30 countries. MEDICEM complements this scientific, technological and product development capability with strong commercial, entrepreneurial and financial know-how and resources.