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DILAPAN-S is a hygroscopic cervical dilator made of patented AQUACRYL hydrogel. It is a rigid hydrophilic stick with a plastic handle for easier insertion and removal. The signal fibre at the end of the handle is used to identify the position of the dilator. By absorbing fluids, DILAPAN-S increases in volume and gradually dilates the cervix. Four to six hours after application, the 3 mm rod expands to 8.3–10 mm and the 4 mm rod up to 10–12.5 mm.

DILAPAN-S is indicated for patients with immature cervixes during pre-induced labour (i.e., cervical ripening) and instrumental surgery inside the uterine cavity. Such procedures require access through the cervix (e.g., in case of pregnancy termination).

The main advantages of using DILAPAN-S include:

  • Release of endogenous prostaglandins, which degrade collagen fibres and soften the cervix. This supports the physiological process of ripening the cervix during pre-induced labour.
  • Dilation of the cervix by the mechanism of its action and in a way that is gradual, gentle and predictable.
  • Avoidance of excessive uterine contractions during pre-induced labour with no impact on the function of the foetal heart. In other indications, the gradual dilation ensures full functionality of the cervix for future pregnancy.
  • Minimal pain during cervical dilation, which is very well received by patients.
  • No undesirable pharmacological effects.

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DILASOFT is a cervical dilation innovation. Like DILAPAN-S, it is made of patented AQUACRYL hydrogel and uses the same mechanism of action (for more information, refer to DILAPAN-S). However, due to the fact that a different production technique is used for this product, bodily fluids are absorbed faster after DILASOFT is inserted and the period of time needed for achieving the required dilation is reduced. The rod is also mouldable, allowing physicians to adjust its shape to the individual needs of patients.